What makes us so special and relevant to your brand?

Neither an international agency nor a local specialist, we are a human-sized agency with 4 permanent staff and +50 freelance talents.

This structure guarantees freedom: the creative freedom of the team and, the client's freedom to choose the best aesthetic, technical and financial compromise.

Because we work for clients in France, Italy and Switzerland, because the team is multicultural and because we cover all these sectors, we have a deep knowledge of the global markets, the global and local trends and the different techniques.

This allows us to hybridize ideas, to go with the flow or against the flow, so that you can stand out in the ultra-saturated media space.

Salvatore Ferragamo Campaign

Our +15 years experience in your industry

We perfectly understand the necessity to balance the details and a broader look.

Our campaigns and advertisements not only show the quality and the attributes of the craft for a selected timekeeper but also allow the consumer to project himself in the universe of the brand.

We master all required techniques to do so (photo, still life, 3D, graphics, video, and more).

We accompany our clients whether they want to inscribe their DNA in the long term or to change their image.

Salvatore Ferragamo Campaign
Salvatore Ferragamo CampaignSalvatore Ferragamo Campaign
Salvatore Ferragamo CampaignSalvatore Ferragamo Campaign

Motuum... momentum and perpetual motion

MOTUUM comes from motus perpetuum (the perpetual motion that watchmaker were pursuing) and means also momentum. We are fascinated by the setting in motion.

The movement requires a meaning, a rhythm of its own and a story to tell, to differentiate itself from agitation.
Movement has a beginning and an end. It is a cycle that is accomplished. Perpetual motion summarise as well as define my job, or at least the way I want to do it at the service of my clients.  
Each step is an endeavour.

Naturally, our teams and brands we work for are also experiencing this movement. Their market is constantly evolving, and the media space is increasingly saturated. That’s why, alongside them, we sometimes need to move forward, and sometimes we need to take a step aside and find a twist.

Salvatore Ferragamo Campaign

Our history

The agency began working for the luxury fashion industry with Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Tom Ford.  

We are proud to have built long-term partnerships with many of our historical clients. From the very beginning, MOTUUM has developed a 360° know-how in the content production for watches and other small luxury goods like jewellery, leather goods and perfumes.

We have grown as the communication sector has been disrupted by the internet, social networks, AI and all the new techs and by following the globalisation of our historical clients.

The perpetual movement again and again...

Salvatore Ferragamo Campaign