Plural intelligences that shake up your visual communication

We work alongside challengers and responsible players in the luxury and premium consumer goods sector, who need to evolve their strategy, navigate complexity, explore new physical or narrative territories and make a performance leap in their communication in a clever, pragmatic and progressive way.

We’ve been crafting beautiful stories and enhancing brand value for years.

An aggregator of plural intelligences and rare expertise in brand communication

At MOTUUM, what gets us up in the morning is being able to succeed in thrilling increasingly demanding and aware consumers
in tune with the emotions that your brand and your products arouse.

It's about enhancing your excellence by putting our own at your service, and
avoiding forever the banal and the pale copy

Guaranteeing you a clear, strong, impactful and differentiating communication with a unique approach you will not find in any international agency or local specialist and helping you to find the right twist to stand out from an over-crowded and increasingly saturated media space.

Neither an international agency nor a local specialist, we are a human-sized agency with 4 permanent staff and +50 freelance talents

Originated from Italy but proud to be rooted in Switzerland, we are a very special and unique agency. We are the only human-sized team able to cover every luxury sector and support brand on a worldwide scale.

We deeply commit to building lasting partnership with our clients.
We work both for global brands and local companies

We are also lucky enough to be able to support from scratch projects in the premium and luxury industry.